New Applied Nutriceuticals Beta Test Testosterone Supplement

Applied Nutriceuticals Beta TestApplied Nutriceuticals recently announced their new release of Beta Test, new brand new testosterone support supplement that increases natural test levels as well as impact muscular strength and performance.

This formula contains several ingredients that were in the Uncut formula but with increased strength. The one ingredient that everyone is talking about seems to be the Amentoflavone the same ingredient that was featured in Uncut.

Us guys at Supplement Inner Circle have to give some well deserved props to App Nut for making this supplement contain a full disclosure label. Sometimes there are good reasons why companies stamp a prop blend on the back of their bottles but in most cases companies are hiding from actually telling the consumer whats in their product to widen their margin making the product look much more valuable than it actually is. Not Applied Nutriceuticals….Thanks AppNut!

Well that’s all for now check back here at SIC for any and all updates on Applied Nutriceuticals.

By Tony Brettman


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