Muscletest by American Muscle: Review

muscletest by american muscleMuscleTest…this is a product that was sent to us to review and over the past couple weeks I have been taking this testosterone booster as part of my daily intake of supplements. Along with MuscleTest, I am taking:

  • Creatine Mono
  • Beta Alanine
  • Betaine Anydrous
  • Whey Protein

Now I don’t expect much from testosterone boosters…well let me put it this way, I know more of what to expect from them. They are not prohormones. They are not steroids.  This is a natural testosterone booster.

My Review on American Muscle MuscleTest

First, I am 36 years old. This means it will most likely work better for me than a 21 year old. Testosterone declines as you get older…nuff said. Now what have I noticed after a couple weeks:

  1. More Energy – I definitely have more energy with MuscleTest. This is common with many testosterone boosters, so it definitely worked here. I sometimes work out in the morning (6am) and this definitely helped.
  2. Bigger Libido – More sexual desire and more libido. This was probably one area I noticed it the most. Felt really good.
  3. More Strength – Now I am going to be careful here. It’s not like I was putting up PRs all day long. With more energy, more alpha-feeling, I just felt stronger and felt good each day…which turned into lifting more weight. Nothing huge, but more weight than usual.
  4. More Aggression & Intensity – I guess this is kind of like energy, though that was all day long. At the gym I had a lot more aggression and intensity than usual. Again, this is great in the morning when I am usually at my worst.
  5. Alpha Male Feeling – This ties everything above together. When you have more  energy, more libido and feel stronger…you are going to have a little extra pep when you walk. And this lasts all day. Something I really enjoyed.

So…sounds pretty good right? And this is only after 2 weeks of usage. What I want you to get out of this is that natural testosterone boosters are great for making you feel better, which effects all areas of your day. Your physique is not going to change by just taking a few pills of MuscleTest, but it can help you feel better and lift more, which is going to help you increase muscle and change your physique. The advice I can give you is to try it out.


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