MusclePharm Z-Core PM: The Company Gives ZMA Max an upgrade

Musclepharm z core pm Good ole ZMA! If you are unfamiliar with the proven & patented blend of Zinc & Magnesium Asparate with a bit of B6 you better get with the times Son!

Most people today that follow typical western diets are deficient in Magnesium which is involved the majority of the body’s processes! Along with Magnesium deficiency it is found that most males are also deficient in Zinc as well. This is bad! Why because Zinc deficient males have been found to also have lower levels of testosterone & nobody wants that!

Now don’t just go down to your local drug store and grab the 5$ Zinc & Magnesium supplement these are usually in ‘chelate’ form and carry almost no bioavailability; so you will simply be pissing your money away; literally! Look ZMA on the label or Magnesium (as Magnesium Asparate) or Zinc (as (As Monomethionine and Aspartate) paired with Vitamin B6. These forms will provide the ultimate level of bioavailability and will help be sure that your Zinc & Magnesium levels are optimal.

Now MusclePharm’s Z-Core Pm previously ZMA Max has also added a few things to help with sleep.

Melatonin-the bodies sleep hormone promotes deeper more restful sleep & is a potent antioxidant.

Fenugreek-Has been shown to increase testosterone levels, libido and sexual performance in males.


So with MusclePharm’s Z-Core Pm you not only are ensuring optimal levels of Zinc & Magnesium but you are also getting a good night sleep and we all know that sleep is one of the most overlooked tools in our arsenal!

-Dave S.


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