MusclePharm Battle Fuel Gets Reformulated!

By David Schroer

 musclepharm battlefuel xt

Looks as if MusclePharm decided to go back to the drawing board on their Testosterone Booster Battle Fuel XT which is a bit odd as most Brands are releasing Fat Burners & Reformulations of their existing fat burners & thermogenics.  Even though research is a bit lacking on the effectiveness of Natural Testosterone Supplements we will still give as thorough of a review & as always with No Hype Just Facts!

MusclePharm Battle Fuel Ingredients

Vitamin D – Discovered that men with adequate vitamin D levels had higher testosterone levels compared to those with inadequate vitamin D levels [1]

Magnesium -study found that magnesium supplement use in tandem with exercise caused a higher testosterone increase compared to those the test subjects who received supplementation without exercise.[2]

Zinc (as Zinc Glycinate) Zinc supplementation for a six-month period caused testosterone levels to increase.

D-Aspartic Acid -D-aspartic acid reacts within the brain to release luteinizing hormone, or LH. LH then travels to the testicles where it enters the specialized cells, or Leydig cells, which have the function of creating testosterone. [3]

Mucuna Pruriens (50% L-Dopa)- Testosterone has been increased in healthy infertile men without any impairments in seminal parameters following 5g of Mucuna Pruriens extract over 3 months. [4]

Astaracantha Longifolia Aquatic Extract-Raise Libido & Sexual Performance [5]

N-Acetyl Carnitine – Has Effects on Androgen Receptors along with resistance training [6]

Anacylus Pyrethrym – oral doses of Anacyclus root noted increases in testosterone with all dosages [7]

Curculigo Orchioides– found to have effects on sexual dysfunction and increasing libido. [8]

Suma Extract 20:1 – improved the subjects with impotency issues sexual desire & performance [9]

Maca 4:1 – Maca is thought to increase libido, sexual performance and stamina, Maca powder may be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Propionyl Carnitine– Carnitine has effects on Androgen Rectors when paired with resistance training [6]

Indole-3-Carbinol– Anti-Estrogenic Properties results in increased test levels with no rebound [10]

DIM Diindolylmethane-Derivative of Indole-3-Carbinol known for its anti-estrogen effects

musclepharm battlefuel xt

Whew leave it to MusclePharm to throw in the Kitchen Sink blend of ingredients but we truly hope this will help you understand some of the reasoning behind adding these ingredients to MusclePharm Battle Fuel and if you are one of those ‘responders’ and these supplements give you an edge than by all means Supplement away. There are only 20 servings per bottle so this is a bit on the low side of the Dose:Dollar scale. All in all this seems like it should be a decent test booster & a fantastic libido aid.


By David Schroer


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