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Maximum Potency Testosterone Booster

Do you need help to increase your muscle mass and strength? You need to check out one of the strongest testosterone support supplements available. Test Factor will help increase the serum testosterone levels. Test Factor is also powerful enough to support a full spectrum of androgen action including improved energy and vitality, increased protein synthesis rates. While taking this it will also help increase your muscle endurance, enhanced nutrient delivery, and increased libido. Test Factors formula includes some of the most effective bioactive compounds known to sports science, and represents a major step forward in hormonal support supplementation!

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• Increase Total and Free Testosterone
• Increase Muscle Mass & Strength
• Improve Muscle Endurance
• Preserve Muscle Mass (Anti-Catabolic)
• Speed Muscle Recovery
• Support Libido & Sexual Function


Sarcosine (N-methylglycine): An amino acid found naturally in the body, sarcosine plays an important role in the biosynthesis of testosterone. It is believed to act primarily by supporting N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) neurotransmission. NMDA is directly involved in hypothalamic GnRH synthesis, which in turn increases the output of gonadotropic hormones, and ultimately testosterone.


AlivEL® 100 Ultimate: Eurycoma longifolia (also known as tongkat ali) has been shown in placebo-controlled studies to increase testosterone levels by 37% and reduce cortisol by 16^ in men. High quality eurycoma longifolia extracts are standardized for their eurycomanone content, with 1% being the previous high mark. The new high-potency extract in Test Factor™ contains TWICE that concentration, a remarkable 2% eurycomanone.


PrimaVie™: This part of the Test Factor™ formula is a special high potency extract of Shilajit, an organo-mineral found in the Himalayan mountain region. Clinical studies on adult infertile men found that 200mg of shilajit per day (containing 54.8% fulvic acid) for 90 days increased testosterone levels by 23.5% (from 4.85ng/mL to 5.99ng/mL). Test Factor™ exclusively uses PrimaVie™ high potency shilajit extract, which contains a minimum of 60% fulvic acid.


ActeoFIT™: A specialized blend of two herbal extracts, rehmannia glutinosa and cistanche deserticola. A series of preliminary experiments with mice demonstrated an increase in exercise endurance, along with inhibited creatine kinase and improved glycogen stores. This may translate to better performance, along with preserved muscle mass and energy. Another similar set of experiments found hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle cell mitochondria, but without damage to the myofibril. This suggests possible benefits for muscle fiber growth, including an anti-catabolic (protein sparing) effect.

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