MHP Introduces Myostatin Inhibitor MYO-X

MHP MYO X Myostatin InhibitorMaximum Human Performance MHP Brings You MYO-X  

Alot of buzz on this supplement and not alot of it is good. Basing this alojng with Victor Martinez’s comback after being in prison want much of a help either. MHP are probably going to collect alot of flack for this one, but if it works I will be the first in line to give it a go, but I wouldnt bet on it.

Introducing MYO X

MYO-X is our FIRST clinically-backed Myostatin inhibitor – a major scientific breakthrough for body builders, athletes and those who want to promote fitness results naturally.

  • Supports reduced myostatin levels to help promote muscle growth*
  • Backed by more than a decade of scientific research that suggests it can truly help reduce human myostatin levels!*
  • In a study, produced high grade short-term suppression of myostatin in 100% of human test subjects!*
  • Reduced blood levels of myostatin by an average of 46% in only 12-18 hours!*
  • Contains 80 proteins, 700 peptides and bio-active growth factors.*

In a clinical study, ten healthy adult male human subjects were administered a single 10-gram serving of MYO-X®. Between 12-18 hours after administration, average serum myostatin declined 46% from baseline across all ten subjects.* Afterwards, at the 24-30 hour time point, the average myostatin level completely normalized. (See graph depicted on the right.)

What is Myostatin?


  • Myostatin is a protein naturally produced in your body that increases as you age
  • Myostatin limits muscle growth: it literally means “muscle stopping”
  • Reducing Myostatin levels helps build lean muscle mass and promotes workout results

MHP MYO X-Ingredient Label


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