Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox Stimulant Sensitive Weight Loss Solution

metabolic nutrition phenolox Metabolic Nutrition Phenolox

The middle of the road supplement from the makers of the highly under rated Synedrex. Phenolox is exactly what it states on the label. A weight-loss product for the stimulant sensitive. It looks as if Phenolox is quite similar in make up to Synedrex just without the added caffeine, 1,3 DMAA, & yohimbe.

However what is intriguing is that this supplement should still provide a sensation unlike other Non-Stimulant products Phenolox still has some ingredients that should at least affect mood and possibly give feelings of well-being & focus with the added Sulbutiamine & a more potent form of Phenylethylamine .


SIC Profile of the Ingredients found in Phenolox

Green Tea Extract (Caffeine Free)- EGCG was able to increase the degree of fat oxidation in obese men without affecting overall metabolic rate. [1]

Methylxanthine (Caffeine Free)- molecular compounds that act simultaneously as cardiac stimulants, diuretics, and smooth muscle relaxants. While the most commonly known form is caffeine, certain methylxanthine compounds are used to stimulate the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.[2]

Sulbutiamine- Derivative of Thiamine found to have beneficial effects on the brain & Glucose Metabolism. [3] [4]

Synephrine- induces fat loss and an increase in the Metabolic Rate through a process called ‘beta adrenergic agonism’, which is acting on the fat cell causing it to burn fats. [5]

R-B-Methylphenylethylamine- is a derivative of PEA that doesn’t break down and allows for higher concentration of PEA in the brain.[6]

ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)- often used as an effective appetite suppressant. [7]

Coleus Forskoli- cAMP activator: it ‘activates’ cells and this activation differs depending on the cell. Can induce fat loss. [8]

L-Carnitine- Carnitine in the form of supplementation does induce enzymatic changes that do make the body able to oxidize more fat, but only when paired with exercise. [9]

Sandlewood Oil- may have impacts on blood glucose levels [10]

Poly-iiodo-Thyronine- Used for Thyroid enhancement similar to 3,5 diiodo-L-thyronine plays an important role in energy metabolism and fat storage. [11]

Simmondsin (extract) – also known as Jojoba; it has been found to have potent appetite suppressing effects. [12]

Meridextrine TM- No supporting Literature at this time.

metabolic nutrition phenolox ingredients

So if you’re a bit stimmed out and need a break than we highly suggest giving Phenolox some consideration as it has some potent ingredients that have been found to have appetite suppressing & metabolism boosting effects!

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By David Schroer


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