Man Sports NEW Protein Pure PF3

Man Sport Pure Pf3Man Sports is entering the protein powder market with their new concentrated Bio-Active protein Pure PF3. Now this isn’t the first concentrated Bio-Active protein, iSatori released their protein product a couple of months ago and popularity seems to be growing for this new form. Could this be a possible trend with concentrated proteins and will we see additional benefits with this new formulation?

Man Sports PurePF3:

According to Man Sports, “Pure PF3 contains ingredients that are backed by countless studies showing the added benefits to concentrated proteins as wells as the additional ingredients in the Man Sports formulation”. At this time we don’t have any information or details on the Pure PF3 ingredients but what we can tell you is that MAN Sports is about putting out effective performance products and this protein should be no different to the rest of their line.

This 50 servings concentrated protein could be a new fan favorite for those looking for a high performance protein that should not only help with performance and aid in recovery but might also be kind on your wallet.

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By Tony Brettman


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