MAN Sports Lean Ph.D

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MAN Sports Lean Ph.D

MAN Sport’s has been working hard to release a lot of new products lately and continuing to release new delicious flavors for their top selling product, Iso-Amino. Taking a step away from that, MAN Sports has finally launched their newest product that is anticipating to burn the fat right off your body! Lean Pd.D is a fat burner combined with 11 powerful ingredients to promise energy, focus, appetite suppressant, and of course weight loss.

 Lean Ph.D Benefits:

  • Increased energy and clarity
  • Improved appetite control
  • Intensified weight loss

Why take Lean Ph.D?

LEAN Ph.D – “The Smart Thermogenic” Start taking Lean Ph.D if you want to take a potent weight-loss supplement that also will help multiple other areas like:  reduce hunger, increase metabolism, boost mood and energy.


10 of the ingredients in Lean Ph.D are in a powerful proprietary blend that adds up to 690mg of fat burning, appetite harnessing power! The 11th ingredient is of course caffeine, coming in at 100mg per serving. The caffeine will obviously be what gives you energy and focus throughout the day. If you refer to the picture below you can see each one of the ingredients and what makes up the 10 ingredient proprietary blend.

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