MAN Sports Announces Dirty Bulk in Milkshake n’ Fries Flavor

MAN Sports Dirty BulkMAN Sports Dirty Bulk

MAN Sports has launched another protein supplement. This one is a weight gainer known as Dirty Bulk. They previously announced Clean Protein in February, revealing Chocolate Milk, Unicorn Milk, and Cookie Stuffed Cookie flavors.

This new flavor is no joke!

Keeping with their trend of unique and delicious flavors, the first flavor for Dirty Bulk will be a never before seen fast food inspired flavor, Milkshake n’ Fries. MAN Sports posted on their Facebook page saying it’s “easily one of the best flavors we’ve ever created!”


The company is secretive about their products and the formula has not yet been released, but we do know that it contains 30g of protein per serving and is gluten free. You can join the One Percenters at to get the inside scoop on new MAN Sports Products.


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