Litramine® Fat Binder – Is This a Groundbreaking Find?


Litramine® – This is the groundbreaking ingredient Dr. Oz talked about this week on his show. Now we don’t usually talk about Dr. Oz products here on this blog, but I want to help inform the public that there is a cheaper alternative to this.

What is Litramine®?

This is the trademarked version of good ole’ Nopal Cactus or Pricky Pear. It’s nothing special really, just a trademarked version of it. It does guarantee you get the clinical studied dose of the product…which is good, because there are tons of scammers out there. But there are some very reputable companies selling Nopal Cactus or Prickly Pear that are not trademarked for MUCH LESS MONEY. I mean I am seeing Amazon selling this stuff for over $100 a box! That is for the trademarked Litramine®. Get the non-trademarked version from a reputable company for only about $10!!!

What does Litramine® Do?

According to the study, about 125 participants were given Litramine® or a placebo. And the Litramine® users lost an average of 8lbs over the 12 weeks and the placebo users lost only 3lbs. That’s a 5lb difference. Now there are some issues with the study, which I won’t get into (caloric intake was self-reported…which is almost always wrong). And these users were on a hypo-caloric diet, so they should have lost weight anyway!!!

Where Can I Buy It?

So if you still want to buy it…I mean it definitely can help you lose weight, don’t waste your money spending $100+ on it at Amazon. Just get the non-trademarked version for $10 and see if it works for you first.

I recommend the Planetary Herbals Nopal Cactus. It’s only $9.99 for a 20 day supply.


By Jeff Moriarty


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