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From the looks of it, LG Sciences is trying to re-event itself with some new labels and continue in the direction of hardcore bodybuilding supplements with their new Andro Platinum Series. Now I am a big fan of their formadrol extreme anti-xenoestrogen product but this platinum series is going to appeal to a smaller crowd of fitness enthusiasts and athletes which may hurt the brand in the long run due to the daily bans on prohormone products. I know that this is pretty much always been the direction and targeted market for LG Sciences but given their recent incline in popularity we would of thought they would have gone in the direction of less ph’s and more pw’s (pre-workouts).

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Andro Platinum Series Products:

  • 17 Andro Pro-This potent steroid hormone is both a prohormone and active steroid in the body. Many people claim this feels like the illegal steroid “Anavar” in effects.
  • M1D Andro- Available in 60 and 90 caps-steroidal aromatase inhibitor with a natural prohormone to testosterone
  • Epi Andro-EpiAndro is a steroidal hormone that has no intrinsic androgen activity but may help you optimize the androgen to estrogen ratio
  • Form XT- Available in 60 and 90 caps-The new formula will optimize your hormones and will work for both natural optimization and Post Cycle Therapy after a cycle of our prohormone products.
  • 1 Andro Stenolone-1-Andro is adored by men over 21 who are looking to help them with their goal to gain size and strength in the gym while leaning out.

LG Sciences is a cutting edge company that formulates cutting edge products. Andro Platinum series will be a complete line of hardcore supplements with ingredients that will enhance your physical performance as well as transform your physique. We applaud LG Sciences for sticking to their guns in continuing to make products for their fan base and the Andro Platinum series will excite LG fans from all over!

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By Tony Brettman

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