LeCheek Nutrition is Back with AMPiLean Black

lecheek nutrition ampilean blackI have mentioned in the post on AMPiLean Pink that I am a big fan of AMPiTropin. Now I have never tried the ‘Lean’ version, but if it’s anything like the ‘Tropin’ its gotta be pretty good. Well LeCheek Nutrition has come out with the Black version of AMPiLean now. Something I am quite excited about.

AMPILean Black the “Fat Burning Juggernaut”

This is the new stronger version of their best selling fat burner. It will definitely be stronger than the ‘Pink’ version as well. While we don’t know the specific ingredients that will be in AMPilean Black, I can guess that it will be more caffeine and more amp citrate, which is where the name of the product actually comes from. LeCheek Nutrition even says this will be a more powerful version of their current product on the market.

What Should We Expect?

Currently these are the benefits of taking Ampilean:

  • Increase Metabolism
  • Shed Water Weight
  • Enhance Mental Focus
  • Feel Amazing
  • Increase Focus and Clarity!

I don’t expect these to change…but to just me AMPlified…did you get that there lol. We don’t know how much of each ingredient is in the current product because it’s a propretary blend of 1298mg…so I am guessing the new Black will be a proprietary blend again…just a higher mg.

When Will it be Available?

I would expect both AMPiLean Pink and AMPilean Black to be available within the next few weeks or months. Lots of buzz out there so we will see how it lives up!


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