ISOPURE Coconut: Outstanding New Flavor RTD Protein Drink


We love getting to try new flavors of products from various manufactures; but few ever blow us away!

Well ISOPURE from Nature’s Best did just that with their New Coconut ZERO Carb Protein RTD and not just in terms of taste but also the ingredient label; or shall we say what isn’t on the label.


The product is CLEAR, let us repeat… 40g of what can only be described as Coconut Bliss flavored protein in a completely CLEAR bottle/liquid!

But Wait There’s More!

The product features coconut water concentrate for the delicious flavoring; so what does that mean!? The majority of this product’s flavor comes from an all natural sweet source.


  • Heavenly Flavored Coconut
  • 40g of Protein per Bottle
  • CLEAR-This is just cool
  • 0 Carb & 0 Fat
  • Apartame & Preservative Free
  • Did we mention it is CLEAR!


So if you’re a fan of the Iconic ISOPURE glass bottles and even if you have yet to try one! DO NOT miss out on this one!

By David Schroer


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