Isatori Hyper-Gro Strawberry Review

Isatori Hyper Gro ReviewI was given this by a Isatori rep to try out. I really wish I had more of it, so I could give you a nice detailed review of Hyper-Gro over a long period of time, but I only had one serving of it. So in this review, I am going to give you my thoughts on it and what it actually is.

What is Hyper-Gro?

Isatori is claiming this is a product that is more of a clean bulking protein/gainer. And by the looks of the ingredients, I definitely agree.

  • 25 Grams of Protein
  • 24 Grams of Carbs
  • 4 Grams of BCAA’s
  • 3 Grams of Creatine
  • 1.5 Grams of Bio-Gro

This protein gainer has 1.5 grams of Bio-Gro, which are bioactive peptides to help you pack on the muscle. And unlike a lot of gainers out there, it’s not packed with fats and carbohydrates, which make you more ‘fat’ than ‘lean’.

How I Took Hyper-Gro

I used my Hyper-Gro post-workout last night. I had the strawberry flavor as you can see in the picture. I used a shaker bottle to shake it up. No problems with clumping or anything, which was really awesome for a gainer. Usually you see a ton of clumping from other weight gainers. Not with this…mixed up like an isolate protein!

The Flavor

Even though this is called strawberry, I think it should be strawberry creme. It tasted more like a strawberry type milkshake than pure strawberry. Which isn’t a bad thing. I thought the flavor was really good, and refreshing after a long workout. I haven’t tasted the chocolate or vanilla, but I would be fine continuing to just use the strawberry…why change from something you like!


  1. Do you need to cycle or load Hyper-Gro? According to their website, nope! I would just use it if you are looking to increase muscle mass and weight.
  2. Any side effects? No again. It’s just like drinking a protein shake.

How to Get It?

The easiest way is to just buy it at the Isatori website here.


I really wish I had more of this to give a proper review, but I only had one serving. Again, it tasted great and I would love to see the results after a month or two of taking it. For now though, you will just have to go by what others are saying out there, which seems to be really positive. I was also given a sample of the pre-workout too, so I plan on doing a review of that shortly as well.


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