Is the New BSN ‘Push’ a New NO-Xplode?

If you are on Facebook and part of a lot of bodybuilding groups you may have seen the new ‘Push’ video from BSN. They are talking about ‘pushing’ the envelope in everything from training to lifting to strength etc. They are claiming that the industry will forever be changed on 06.30.14. That’s less than two weeks away. I really hope that they do come out with a groundbreaking supplement, as we have not seen anything like it lately. Their first NO-Xplode was a game changer and that was over 10 years ago.

BSN ‘PUSH’ Video

This is the video that has been on Facebook. They give you some clues to what it might be, but nothing concrete. As soon as we hear more about the ingredients or about the actual name, we will be sure to talk about it here!

By Jeff Moriarty


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