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I was given the opportunity to go to the Europa Expo Games in Charlotte, NC this past weekend and met the owner of this company. If you ever have a chance to go to the Europa Expo Games, jump on it. They still have one more this year coming up in Phoenix, but the biggest each year is in Orlando. Now back to Integrity Driven Supplements. I met Collin Wayne, who is a hugely successful bodybuilder, athlete, and fitness model. Really a down to earth guy. It was really a pleasure speaking with him and seeing his passion for his company and the sports nutrition company as a whole. He understand the issues that retailers have with sports supplements, which is why his whole line is about transparency and clinical dosed ingredients in all his supplements. It was something rare to see in the supplement industry.

Integrity Driven Nutrition Supplements

They had a huge booth and looks like they invested in a ton of supplement samples as well. I wish I had more room in luggage, but I only had a small carry on, so didn’t take as many samples from them or any other companies as I could have. Here is a list of the supplements that should be released from their website (not launched at the time of this post):

  • Key Essentials Fruits and Greens – As it states, this is their fruits and greens supplement. It tastes absolutely amazing. Wish I could get my hands on more samples as this was a favorite for me.
  • Lean Driven for Her – This is a fat burner product for women. My wife actually has a couple samples which
  • Pump Driven – Though I didn’t get to try this one, looking at the breakdown of the ingredients, it should be an awesome pump product and non stimulant pre-workout.
  • Pre-Driven for Him – Potent stimulant based pre-workout. Great product to stack with the Pump Driven. Have not been able to take it yet though.
  • Pre-Driven for Her – Like the one for him, a pre-workout supplement, but dosed at a lower amount for women.
  • Vita Driven – They didn’t have samples of this, but more of a sports nutrition type vitamin.

When Will They Be Available?

I hope to be able to test out these products in more depth once they are available, which after talking to Collen Wayne, should be available in the next 1-2 weeks. Want more information about this company? Check out their Facebook page and Instagram page for updates.



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