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iForce Nutrition is in Beta Testing right now for the new version of their Muscle Hardening and Leaner Agent Tropinol XP. The first version of Tropinol was a partial success due to many people complaining of the effectiveness of the product. Many people questioned whether or not they used the efficacious dose of bulbine natalensis which aids in increasing natural testosterone to increase the promotion of lean muscle as well as boosting strength.

iForce is slowly releasing new information of the ingredients to gain some hype and interest on the new product. Below is what iForce has revealed so far.

Tropinol XP Supp FactsWhat we can tell from the ingredients so far is that it contains several ingredients used in the first version but with the addition of Coleus Forskolin, which aids in regulating thyroid function, relaxing muscles, and increasing fat-burning activity. Hopefully, iForce will take advantage of the sub standard reviews from the previous Tropinol and dose this natural T Booster properly!

iForce Nutrition TropinolCheck Back Here for more information of iForce Nutrition’s latest additions to their product lines!

By Tony Brettman


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