iForce Nutrition Isotean Whey Isolate Coming Soon

iForce Nutrition Isotean


iForce Nutrition will soon be releasing their new Whey Isolate product, Isotean and some lucky supplement goer just received their bottles in the mail. If you head over to their facebook page, iForce just posted a link to BB.com where one lucky rep received these three bottles of Isotean. Now, this would make it seem like iForce will soon be rolling out their brand new whey isolate to retailers within the upcoming weeks….yet another new product by an up and coming supplement company!

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iForce Nutrition Isotean Supplement Facts:

Nutritional Facts for Isotean


Looking at the Supplement Facts we see that iForce Isotean contains 30 grams of protein and only 3 carbs into this Whey Isolate protein. Another thing that stands out is that Isotean only contains 2 grams which is pretty impressive given that early reports of this product and its great taste.

So, expect this product to hit shelves in the next month or two and to be reasonably priced. That’s all for now and as always check back here at Supplement Inner Circle for any and all updates on iForce and their upcoming products.


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By Tony Brettman


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