iForce Dexaprine XR: Fat Burner Gets an Upgrade!

Iforce has revamped another one of their products, first was Tropinol XP & now it appears that the companies infamous Dexaprine is getting the XR boost! After the DMAA issues Dexaprine got a forced facelift around the middle of last year with Dexaprine V2. Now it appears that iForce have decided to come out with another version as there seems to have been confusion & mix-up. So hopefully the XR will help consumers further.

The label breakdown is pretty similar to V2 so this seems like more of a name update above all.

Dexaprine Tri-Phase Ignition System 645mg


Acacia Rigidula Extract (98%)- Contains many compounds that act on the pituitary adrenal axis they induce the release epinephrine/adrenaline, norepinephrine/noradrenaline, dopamine and catecholamines that stimulate beta-receptors to increase fat breakdown and metabolic rate and suppress appetite.

Citrus Aurantium (30% active amines)-          Citrus aurantium, bitter orange or citrus extract has been found to have effects on thermogenesis by working in a synergistic manner with other fat burning compounds[1]

Extended Release Energy Complex:        

Caffeine Anhydrous- CNS Stimulant & DUH!

Green Tea Extract (Standardized for Theophylline)- able to increase the degree of fat oxidation in obese men without affecting overall metabolic rate. [2]

Alpha-2 Adrenergic Activation Complex:  

Rauwolfia Serpentina (Standardized for Rauwolscine)-  potent and selective antagonist of alpha-2 adrenergic receptors.[3] This is the same mechanism by which yohimbine acts.

Isopropylactopamine (betaphrin)- isopropylnorsynephrine (also named isopropyloctopamine or betaphrine), was clearly lipolytic though not a lot of literature is available at this time. [4]


When its all said & done if you’re a fan of Dexaprine than this formula shouldn’t be much of a change although the Mg dosage has been decreased could mean that product has been further concentrated. So as always recommended by the company start out with the minimum dosage.

Looking to Purchase Dexaprine XR Find it here!

You can still find the original Dexaprine & Dexaprine V2 Here!


By Dave


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