Hydra Cup Introduces 2 Shaker Cups in One!

Hydra Cup The Dual Shaker

We have seen many different variations that definitely make things more convenient. However it wasn’t until we came across the Hydra Cup did we think we needed to actually highlight this product & bring some recognition to the up & comer.

hydra benefits

Now we have grown quite attached to our SmartShake Blenders but when we saw this we could not deny the creativity & convenience that the Hydra Cup could potentially provide. Now even though I do use the SmartShake daily I have to admit that it isn’t the easiest thing to use & I have lost a decent amount of powder due to the dreaded ‘powder bounce’ phenomenon. (By the way I’m not entirely sure if this is an actual thing or just something that happens to me!) Nonetheless being able to have the powder already in the shaker awaiting water is quite appealing. Rather then having to carefully fumble the sometimes hard to unscrew extra containers on those types of shakers (especially in a moving car).

Hydracup stealth

All in all we would definitely love to give these a try but seeing as they are pre-order only it may be some time before we get to test them out! But be sure to like Hydra Cup on Facebook & visit their site!

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