Hi Tech Androdiol, Equibolan, 1-AD Next Up!

hi-tech-1-ad-equibolin-androdiolIt’s been a pretty amazing year for Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. They are back in the game with new ephedra products, new 1,3 DMAA products and have bought a ton of companies in the sports nutrition industry. Usually that may be a bad thing, but I personally like this company. From going up against the FDA and just coming out with great products and being honest about them. That’s why I was even more excited to hear about three new products they are releasing very shortly:

  • Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Androdiol
  • Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1- AD
  • Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Equibolin

These three new products are all non methylated prohormones and testosterone boosters. Depending on your goals, you would choose one over the other. I couldn’t get too much information from their website, but these are some things I did find out from the digging that I did:

  • All Non Methylated
  • Low Estrogen Conversion
  • Minimal Water Gains
  • All For Helping Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Seems to do everything you would want a prohormone to do. I am sure Hi Tech will be releasing more information shortly about Androdiol, Equibolin and 1-AD. They usually provide pretty detailed information about their products so it will be exciting to see what these three compounds can really do for you.

Where Can You Buy These?


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