HemaVO2 Max Review from iForce Nutrition

HemaV02 MaxWell I was one of the first to get to try the new HemaVO2 Max from iForce Nutrition. I was excited about trying this because I absolutely love Max Out and Hemavol. In my top 5 all time pre-workout supplements. So when I was offered the chance to try HemaVO2 Max, I jumped on it!

My First Experience with HemaVO2 Max (Log)

So first of all, I was sent one serving of HemaVO2 Max. Usually I take 2 servings of Hemavol so wasn’t sure if this was going to be enough for me. Not that I am a huge guy, I weigh about 190lbs, 6’0″ and 10% bodyfat…but I like to take it to the max with my pre-workouts. Either way, I was taking this though. My first impression was the taste. Iforce has flavoring down to a perfect science (minus Max Out Intense Peach Mango) because all their products from their pre-workouts to their intra workouts (Compete) to their proteins taste awesome. And the HemaVO2 Max was no different. They call it “Very Cherry Lime” and it tastes just like that. Very refreshing. Makes you look forward to drinking it. Mixed up very easily with a blender bottle. I did about 10oz of water as I like to sip on the way to the gym.

The Workout & Results

So of course I used HemaVO2 Max on arm day. I am known for my arms so I wanted to get them as pumped as possible and HemaVO2 Max did the job. A guy actually asked me after being in their for literally 5 minutes if I had been there all day because my arms were so swollen. And that was just after a couple sets. Now I had drank it about 15-30min pre-workout so it was already going through my veins. The pumps were very intense, by the end of the workout I could even do one of those ‘Arnold’ flexes because I couldn’t bend my arms enough with the pump. This pre-workout is awesome. And this was only with one serving. I hope to get a full bottle so I can follow this review up with one using both servings.


I spoke with iForce Nutrition about the best products to stack along with HemaVO2 and this is what they recommended. Basically it’s all about your goals and what you are trying to achieve:

  • Max Pump Stack – Max Out and HemaVO2
  • Intra Pump Stack – Compete and HemaVO2
  • Max Gainz Stack – Mass Gainz and HemavO2


Now I tried the Very Cherry Lime. But I know they also have Juicy Watermelon and Rainbow Sherbert…well the correct spelling it Sherbet…who knew!


Looks like I have a new pre-workout I will use instead of Hemavol. As much as I love Hemavol, HemaVO2 Max with only one serving was awesome. I can’t wait to try it using two servings. I highly recommend it.

You can purchase HemaVO2 here for $34.99 (Free shipping and free shirt!)


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