Haleo Vici Smart Pre-Workout Review

haleo vici reviewI am back with another review of Haleo Vici. If you didn’t read my review on Haleo Mind Set, you can check it out here. Like Mind Set, Haleo Vici is a nootropic-like product to help improve your mood, confidence and focus. But Vici is different in that it is also a pre-workout supplement.

What is Haleo VICI?

Haleo VICI is considered a “Smart Pre-Workout”. It has all the ingredients you would want for your pre-workout, but also has many ingredients that are nootropic…improving mood, focus, clarity and confidence…everything you would want in the gym. Even on the bottle they state POWER, ENERGY, STAMINA. Haleo created this product for athletes that wanted to take something safe and effective and could take everyday. The main benefits of this pre-workout:

  • Clean Energy
  • Improved Power Output
  • Long Lasting Stamina
  • Health Benefits


I am not going to go in-depth with all the ingredients, but are going to list my favorite ones. If you want the complete ingredient breakdown, check out VICI on their website here.

  • Betaine 2,500mg (clinical dose for power output)
  • Beta Alanine 2,000mg (more set and more reps)
  • Caffeine 275mg
  • Agmatine Sulfate 500mg (Pumps)

Plus there is so much more. Pretty good ingredients for a pre-workout supplement.

My Experience with VICI

So I took a VICI last night before my workout. It was originally supposed to be legs, but two people waiting for the one squat rack in the place…I decided to hold off until tonight. Instead I did one of my favorites…arms. Now I am used to a little more than 275mg of caffeine, so I have to admit I took probabl 1.33 scoops instead of the recommended one. I was hoping to go for about 350mg of caffeine. That’s usually my sweet spot. Now in addition to that, I stacked VICI with Mind Set, which they even recommend to do. This gives you more nootropics for focus and clarity in the gym.

The Only Negative…

I took both about 15-30min pre-workout on an empty stomach. Now the first and really only bad thing. The taste. I am not a fan of fruit punch. And this fruit punch was pretty bad. It was very tart/sweet (they use natural flavors and colors) and I am not used to that at all. I understand they are trying to be all natural, but I would really recommend improving the flavor. It was very hard to drink.

Back to the Workout…

The workout was great. I had a good amount of energy. Nothing jittery like other pre-workouts I have had…just clean energy. And I was focused. I could tell. Even more than other products I have taken that market them selves as improving your focus. I actually worked out for almost 2 hours and it didn’t even feel like it (this loss of time is what I liked about Mind Set when I took it at work). I am never there for 2 hours. I could have kept going too. The stamina was awesome. No crash either. I was able to get to sleep with no problems last night. I look back at the workout and can say it was a damn good workout. I mean this morning my bis and tris were sore already. So my highlights:

  • Awesome Stamina
  • Dialed in Focus
  • Clean Energy with no Jitters


If you plan on trying this, I would definitely stack Mind Set VICI together. The stack is incredible. The whole thing with the taste though. I am going to try adding some fruit punch crystal light to it to make it taste better. If they could improve on the taste, I think it would be a huge improvement! But either way, it’s a stack/product I would definitely recommend.


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