Haleo Mind Set Review

haleo mind set reviewFirst I wanted to thank Haleo for sending us some of bottles of Mind Set to try. They also sent VICI, which I will be taking for my first time tonight pre-workout. I have heard about this company a few times from friends at the gym, but never got a chance to take this product, but now I have! Myself and two co-workers were able to test this product out and will all be doing our reviews below. But first…

What is Haleo Mind Set?

This product markets itself as a nootropic. On the bottle itself, it promotes more confidence, clarity and concentration when taking it…”The Smart Edge“. Specifically this product will help you:

  • Improve Focus
  • Give You Mental Clarity
  • Improve Your Mood
  • Improve Alertness
  • Combat Stress

How to Take Mind Set

You take 4 capsules with about 12oz of water 30 minutes before you want all these feelings to come out and be focused on on whatever your job/goal is. Also, make sure you take it on an empty stomach.

I took one serving on a Friday morning at work and then one serving pre-workout over the weekend. I plan on reviewing these results.

Jeff’s Review of Mind Set by Haleo

As stated above, the first experience with Mind Set was at about 9am on a Friday morning. Friday’s are usually pretty tough to focus on, due to being the last day of the week when the “burn out” feeling is creeping in on you and you just want the weekend to start. So I thought this would be the perfect time to start. So I made sure it was about 2 hours after breakfast, I downed 4 capsules with a full blender bottle of water not knowing what to expect…

At Work on a Friday!

I got right into work on the project of the morning. At first I was sitting there thinking it was going to hit me like on the movie Limitless or Lucy, but no…and I eventually forgot that I even took them. I when working my way and before I knew it, it was lunch time. This is when I was like, whoa…where did the time go, I just worked 4 hours without knowing it. I didn’t stop for a protein shake like I usually do, I didn’t have to go peak at CNN…nope just went on focused on my project for the morning. That’s when I knew Mind Set worked. It wasn’t that flip of the switch I thought was going to happen, but more like a steady ramp into a focused mind of whatever you are working on at that time. I really did enjoy that. I want to say it lasted through lunch. About 3-4 hours. Not sure if it was the food or if that’s just how long it usually lasts. I think it would be perfect for Friday’s or Monday mornings (I plan on taking another dose here in about 30min!).

Pre-Workout with Mind Set

So the next test was pre-workout. I wasn’t as confident with it pre-workout because I normally take different products that do help me focus pre-workout. Again, I took the Mind Set about 30min pre-workout on an empty stomach. And what did I notice? The same focusing effects I got from other products…but in a non-stimulant. Usually I am hoped up on caffeine and stimulants, which gets me through the workout, but this formula kept me going for almost 2 hours…not talking to other people there, just deadlifting/squatting and more…focused. It was actually really good. Now what I plan to do next is take Mind Set and VICI (their pre-workout together). I think this will give me a better idea and will work better than just taking the Mind Set by itself.

My Final Thoughts

I think the Mind Set is perfect for work, studying, going out at night or anytime you want to be focused and be in a better mood. I am not so confident in it for pre-workout (probably why they came out with VICI). I would definitely recommend this as an “anytime you need to focus and improve your mood” supplement. You get 30 servings of it, so that’s more than enough to use it when you need it. You can purchase it at the Haleo Online Store.

Vince’s Review of Haleo Mindset

Review by Vince Malfeo

Right from the start I was interested in the product just because I knew it was a nootropic type supplement. With a name like Mind Set, I was excited to dive in and look at the ingredient profile. It has everything you could ever want in a stimulant minus the caffeine which is fine with me because I haven’t been taking much caffeine lately.

It says to take it on an empty stomach so I didn’t eat breakfast this particular day so I took it at about 8 in the morning right when I got into work. I’ll tell you what, after about 20 minutes I started feeling the effects. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t taken any stimulants in a while but what I felt was great. What I really noticed was the concentration aspect. I was able to hammer through the work I needed to get done all while being in “The Zone” I guess you can call it. My brain actually felt more awake after taking it and I would say this lasted for at least 4 to 5 hours before I noticed any decline in performance.

Bottom line, I would recommend this to anybody who isn’t in too taking too much caffeine. This supplement worked greatly for me because I haven’t been taking too many stimulants lately so I really felt the effects. I really like that it has Vitamin B12 in there along with the L-Tyrosine and N-Acetyle-L-Carnitine. No jitters like supplements with caffeine cause, but I did feel energized. Solid product and I would definitely give this is a try if you are looking for brain energy along with concentration.


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