Giant Sports New Open Label Product Metabolic Bio Shock

Bio Shock BannerGiant Sports, makers of one of the top selling proteins on the mark Delicious Protein, has just announced their new product Metabolic Bio Shock. Metabolic Bio Shock is a pre workout supplement that does not contain any proprietary blends and all ingredients are disclosed on the label, so that there is no secret to what you are getting in the product.

Giant Sports Metabolic Bio Shock
Full Label disclosure for sports nutrition products and supplements is on a rise as of late especially with the latest scrutiny on the industry about a particular product being accused of including a banned substance in their product. Non Proprietary Blend and full label disclosure seems to be the smartest and best way to avoid any issues with both the FDA as well as consumers. Bravo Giant Sports….

Some Brands use prop blends to keep the competition guessing and to avoid other companies from copying their formula, while other brands use prop brands simply to cut corners on ingredients and to increase their revenue by widening the margin. Giant Sports is raising the bar by disclosing their entire ingredient information for their new product Metabolic Bio Shock and will likely do so for future products.

Bio Shock imgae

We don’t have any information on the ingredient or supplement facts but it would appear that Giant Sports will be releasing this information any day now since Metabolic Bio Shock will be ready for purchase sometime in September. With delivering a quality protein supplement in Delicious Protein, Giant Sports is looking to climb the ranks of pre workout market with Metabolic Bio Shock.

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By Tony Brettman



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