Giant Sports Add on to their Line with Fat Burner Dexamine

Giant Sports Dexamine

Introducing Giant Sports Dexamine

Said to release this Month (November) which is quite smart because just as Dexamin begins showing up at retailers during the ‘Resolution Rush’ of the new year! Little is known on the ingredients used by Giant Sports, they mentioned that the two ingredients have been used elsewhere in the nutrition industry but not for fat burning!? So one thing is for certain a lot of Giant Sports Competition will be waiting to see what they have come up with.

Alot of marketing campaigns like to use Physician Tested/Approved on their products now to the everyday person that may be a selling point but really having your product endorsed by only ‘one’ doctor does not a ‘quality’ product make. User experience and evidence based studies are a different story and in a perfect world our supplement industry would be quite an interesting place! So only time will tell regarding this new product and what it offers. SIC will stay on top of it and release the ingredients when Giant goes public with it.

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By David Schroer


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