Get Veiny with MTS Nutrition Vasky

mts nutrition vaskyI have personally been waiting for this. Marc Lobliner has some great products. I haven’t gotten to try them all, but the ones I have, they have been great. Unlike many other celebrities in the nutrition arena, Marc actually has come out with GREAT products. And this new one is no exception…new Vasky. I mean…that name is even awesome.

What is Vasky?

This is the first from MTS Nutrition and Marc Lobliner…a product that is all about the pump. Now I love pump products. My favorites currently are PES High Volume and ESP mixed together. Wow what a combo…but now I see this and would love to try it out. Would probably be great to stack with the MTS Nutrition pre-workout product Clash. So what’s in Vasky? Well it’s nice it is a transparent formula…no proprietary blends here!

  • Taurine 3 grams
  • Hydramax Glyserol 2 grams (that is an awesome dose!)
  • Nitrosigine 1.5 grams (another awesome dose!)
  • Vitamin C (100 mg)

Definitely a strong dose of each ingredient. I hope there will be samples because I want to try this stuff! There are 30 servings per tub and I am guessing you will only need one, but there will be those that take two heaping scoops of Vasky too.

When Will Vasky be Available?

We are unsure right now, but probably in the next month or so. Tiger Fitness will probably have it first and then it will be released to other retailers like Best Price Nutrition, My Supplement Store and others.


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