Genomyx FishPro Hydrolyzed Fish Peptides!

Genomyx FishProJust when we think we have seen it all! Doing my usual rounds looking for any mumblings of new products this Gem popped up on the SIC radar.

A hydrolyzed Fish Peptide sourced from you guessed it Fishies! In an industry inundated with the same formulas just wrapped in different packages it is refreshing to see companies trying to gain some traction in other arenas. The same can be said for AI Sports No Whey ‘Pea Protein’. Now don’t get me wrong the research behind a high quality Whey Protein Isolate is sound and it could be considered a SuperFood. But there is definitely a market for non-dairy protein sources. And depending on cost this could potentially be a home run for the small company. However the name may require some tweaking.Something about FishPro could be a turn-off for some….

Not to mention If you have ever had to endure the smell of a Whey protein shake left in a blender bottle overnight, just imagine if it was ‘fishy’ to begin with!

All in all, it seems Competition Breeds Innovation yet again & with Athletic Vegetarians seemingly on the rise this could be a winner for those that consume fish. Especially if the flavoring is on point!

By Dave


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