Genomyx Decimate Evolved Powder: The Fat Burner Decimate Evolves!

genomyx decimate evolved powder


It seems more and more companies are making the switch from capsules to powder. With OxyElite Pro, Super HD and Now Decimate Evolved making the switch it appears that this is becoming a trend. The beauty of a powder is that the dosages can be altered much easier than with capsules, especially if the caps are single dose. Powders also can be sipped over a longer period of time giving a more sustained release as opposed to capsules which can hit you like a Mack truck and then taper off quickly. If those weren’t enough reasons they can also be used in place of a preworkout powder as well especially with the summer months coming up!

It is assumed that the formula will be upgraded as well judging by the posts on the Genomyx Facebook, but hopefully they are keeping the majority of the ingredients because they are simply top-notch.


Genomyx Decimate Ingredients

Alpha Yohimbine(Rauwolscine)- similar mechanism to yohimbine in that it promotes fat burning and may elevate mood. [1]

Raspberry Ketones- In the body and in high doses, can exert fat burning effects on various areas of the fat cell. These effects on the cell may be similar to Ephedrine and Synephrine.[2]

Capsaicin- Capsaicin has been shown to induce catecholamine (adrenaline-like compounds) secretionwhich exerts beta-adrenergic like effects.In addition to slightly increasing the metabolic rate via beta-adrenergic stimulation, capsaicin can also change more systemic energy metabolism towards utilizing fat rather than carbohydrateand exerts appetite suppressing effects.[3]

Green Coffee Bean extract (Chlorogenic Acids)- able to increase the degree of fat oxidation in obese men without affecting overall metabolic rate. [4] Additional constituents of Green Coffee Bean Extract have also shown to be beneficial:

  • Interleukin-18
  • Isoprostane
  • Adiponectin

Forskolin- helps promote fat loss and optimal testosterone levels. Forskolin generates elevated levels of 3,5 cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)—a key endocrine regulator.[5]

Be sure to check back to Supplement Inner Circle for the New Formula!


By David Schroer


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