Genomyx CreIgnite New Product In Development!

genomyx creignite Genomyx CreIgnite New Product In Development!

After doing our usual rounds of the social media sites scrounging around for new developments in the supplement realm! Just when we thought we were out of luck we stumble upon this juicy little teaser pic posted on the Genomyx Facebook Page!

Genomyx CreIgnite

As you can see VERY little is known about the product and all that is certain is that someone out there is running this product & enjoying it!

genomyx logo

Genomyx Product Line Consists of:

Protocol- Post-Workout Recovery

Origin- Pre-Workout Performance Enhancer

Slin-Sane- Nutrient Optimizer

Decimate- Fat Burner

So by process of elimination and our extensive experience of dissecting Products by their names;

Cre- Some form of Creatine

Ignite-Most likely some form of performance enhancer but could possibly be Stim-Free & solely a Creatine product but all is pure speculation at this point.

What is known is the flavors (Watermelon & Fruit Punch) & Serving Size (9.2g)

As always Supplement Inner Circle will be all over any new developments or announcements on Genomyx CreIgnite!

By David Schroer


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