Genomyx CreIgnite is Official!

genomyx cre-ignite

Genomyx CreIgnite

Now to speak out about the benefits of creatine supplementation would simply be beating a dead horse. If you’re not taking creatine regularly or at least cycling than you have bigger problems!

We do not condone or support horse beating; I mean did you see this commercial!?Well I really digressed…Back to Business

Genomyx is all about putting out very unique formulations, just take a look at their line! As a personal fan/customer of Protocol & Slin Sane I highly recommend checking into them! With CreIgnite they have appear to have come through again! Just when you think Creatine can’t get any better; Genomyx attempts the impossible & may have just gotten away with it!

CreIgnite Ingredients

Creatine Magnesium Chelate- Magnesium chelated creatine typically exerts the same ergogenic effects as creatine monohydrate at low doses. It was made because carbohydrates tend to beneficially influence creatine metabolism and magnesium is also implicated in carbohydrate metabolism and creatine metabolism.[1]*

Creatine Monohydrate- The most common form of Creatine. Replenishes ATP; Improves Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Uptake, Improves Recovery. [2]*

Orotic Acid- Increases ATP pools,  Cardio protective, Enhances muscular glycogen stores through increased uptake,  Increases beta-alanine formation. [3] [4] [5] 

Astragalus Membranaceus- Astragalus is a herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a wide variety of purposes and touted to increase lifespan. [7]*

*In the interest of time we have provided the links we would otherwise use to find the study best suggesting the claims. Examine is an amazing tool for finding the research that supports/negates the ingredients used in supplements we highly recommend this invaluable resource! creignite ingredients

CreIgnite looks to hold some incredible potential especially for people who are training intensely, preparing for shows or operating on caloric deficits. Not only are you getting in your creatine but also endurance & performance enhancers, & stress combating compounds which may help give you that last grueling rep!



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