Genomyx Basyx First Ever Flavored Agmatine

Genomyx Black logoGenomyx will be breaking some new ground with a first of it’s kind product in their Basyx Line. Genomyx will be one of first companies to release a flavored Agmatine Sulfate Product. Genomyx is going to have a busy 2013 with all the new products they have been releasing and making a great case for being a top supplement company to keep an eye on!

Genomyx Basyx Agmatine SulfateIt would appear that Genomyx is going to be expanding their line with a new Basyx Supplement Essentials starting with Agmatine Sulfate. According to Genomyx, this Agmatine supplement is the first of it’s kind being that its properly dosed and flavored. It would appear that their Agmatine Sulfate product will be a delicious Watermelon Flavor containing 60 servings so about a month supply.

Genomyx is climbing the ranks and soon will have a product line that rivals the top supplement companies in the market.

According to Genomyx, “This year Genomyx is going to emerge as a true innovative powerhouse with 4 other product formulas completed and ready to launch within 2013”.

By Tony Brettman

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