Gaspari SuperDrive Stimulant Based Pre-Workout!

Gaspari LogoWell you can’t win em’ all as they say…

After our Initial Post regarding the new product SuperDrive by Gaspari Nutrition; SupplementInnerCircle was honored to be contacted directly by the Gaspari Formulator and he informed (or should we say teased) us a bit on the new product!

SuperDrive WILL be a Stimulant Based Pre-Workout and in TRUE Gaspari fashion will feature- and I quote “Novel ingredients never before seen in the supplement industry! ” Isn’t that Special! 

Now what these two trademarked ingredients/compounds are, will be kept under wraps until the projected release at the Arnold Classic! But we were sent this image to hold us over for the time being!

What GLYCOSPAN & mitoDRIVE are exactly is yet to be determined but one can always speculate if you wish to discuss what these could potentially be please feel free to Tweet at Us; & feel free to start a discussion below or on our Facebook!

So stay tuned into SIC and we will be sure update you on any new developments!

By David Schroer


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