Flora Launches 3 New Products!

flora 4 stress circuvein respir essenceA vitamin and herb company? Yes…here at Supplement Inner Circle, we talk about vitamins and herbs as well! Flora, which makes some great vitamins, herbs and oils is launching 3 new products…the first new products in awhile!. They are 4 Stress, CircuVein, Respir-Essence.

What is 4 Stress?

Just as the product is named, it’s to help stress. 4•Stress is a calming blend of four adaptogenic herbs: American Ginseng, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Schisandra Berry Extract, which support your body’s ability to manage stress in a healthy way.

What is CircuVein?

Are you seeing a pattern here with names? CircuVein contains diosmin and hesperidin, two bioflavonoids, which have been clinically demonstrated to reduce the visible signs of varicose veins.*

What is Respir-Essence?

Respir•Essence is an all-natural herbal blend of thyme, licorice root, English plantain, stinging nettle, cowslip primrose, and elecampane, in 
a delicious base of 
pear juice.

When Will These New Flora Products Be Available?

Right now you can get them at the Flora Website Here. They will soon also be available at here for a discounted price.


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