Finaflex Max Pump: New Product featuring Betaine Nitrate!

finaflex max pump Finaflex previously Redefine Nutrition have announced a new product that is specifically aimed at increasing your pumps throughout your workout. It seems that Finaflex is really aiming their focus on the bodybuilding community with this one. I mean who else is as addicted to “The Pump’ as us!?

Max Pump will feature only one active ingredient known as Betaine Nitrate (trimethylglycine NO3) so as far as ingredient breakdowns go this one will be quick!

Betaine- a byproduct of Sugar Beets, Betaine has recently been found to increase performance, endurance, muscular fatigue, anabolic signaling & oxidation of lipids. So basically it has been found to help you lift more & burn more fat!

Nitrates- these guys get a bad wrap ‘nutritionally speaking’. Nitrates have been shown to clinically increase vasodilation through nitric oxide by releasing nitrite or nitrate. So basically it helps your body use oxygen more efficiently.

So if you’re a fan of the pump producing products then Max Pump may be one to try.

If you’re really adventurous add them to a stimulant product, may we suggest CRAZE. The results can be Awesome! Since Max Pump is new may we recommend the CRAZEVOL Stack

By David Schroer


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