EST Nutrition Burn Silk Amino Acid Supplement

EST Nutrition LogoEST Nutrition is releasing a supplement that is geared towards athletes looking for a recovery and endurance supplement specifically cross-fitters. The world of cross-fit has seen a lot of popularity as of late and continues to grow with fans coming from all over the world.

EST Burn copy

EST Burn is an endurance and recovery supplement containing silk amino acids and beta alanine to replenish the muscles with essential nutrients for increasing performance. Burn can also be used during the cutting and leaning out phase promoting lean muscle and that tight skin muscular definition. This could be a perfect addition to the diet of someone that is preparing for a show or just trying to lean up and recover from a grueling workout. We are still awaiting more details and ingredient profile to see if this supplement will take off and gain even more EST fans.

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By Tony Brettman


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