Empyrean Nutrition Beta Peptide: Healthiest Pre & Intra-Workout!?

Beta Peptide

By David Schroer

Empyrean Nutrition Beta-Peptide

It is not often that we here at Supplement Inner Circle are blown away when we try one of the hundreds of samples we get; but when we are we pay special attention to that product and the company behind it!

Empyrean Nutrition is truly a diamond in the rough!

Their Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout  Beta-Peptide May be one of the most Unique Pre-Workout Products we have had the pleasure of sipping on (though your first instinct is to keep drinking because the taste is phenomenal). As we stated there are no stimulants in this product but it certainly delivers quite a unique kick!

SIC Nitty Gritty

Beta Peptide has a blend of 4 Servings worth of Fruits & Veggies to give the User a natural kick of nutrition dense energy! Along with Green Tea Extract providing a very-rich antioxidant cocktail. With an ORAC(Oxygen radical absorbance capacity is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples) Value of 4,000!

This may truly be the HEALTHIEST Pre-Workout Supplement Available!

Next on The List is Good Ole Lactic Acid Buffering Carnosyn Beta-Alanine at 2 grams per serving! Helping lessen ‘the burn’ allowing you a few more reps!

Finally, What just might be the most interesting Aspect is the addition of the incredibly high quality (Expensive) PeptoPro. Empyrean uses PeptoPro in the majority of their products which is simply unheard of in the industry!

PeptoPro is a patented pre-digested lactose free protein called Peptopro which exists in the last stage of digestion, supplying the body with all twenty amino acids especially branch chain amino acids and glutamine in the most absorbable form. This means it takes no digestion and slips quickly into the blood stream providing the muscles under tension the amino acids they require!

Empyrean Nutrition Beta Peptide Ingredients!

beta peptide ingredients

Whether your looking to cut down on the stimulants or simply want to add a High Quality Anti-Oxidant, Beta-Alanine & Amino Acid Supplement Pre- or Intra-Workout in addition to your favorite Stimulant than definitely Give Empyrean Nutrition Beta Peptide some consideration!

(Both of our SIC Testers Ordered Bottles for themselves)

They also have a very interesting Post-Workout Product called Insu-Pro which we will be reviewing soon!


By David Schroer


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