Elite Fire & Ice Stack by Blackstone Labs Review

blackstone labs elite fire ice stackOnce in awhile I get to review a product or stack that I love. Blackstone Labs didn’t send this stack to me or anything, I purchased it and used it for myself. The goal I had in mind was to build a little more lean muscle mass before summer arrived. Now that I have finished the Elite Fire & Ice Stack, I thought I would share my experience with you in what I thought about the stack and the results.

What is in the Elite Fire & Ice Stack

The reason I loved this stack so much was that it included everything you needed for on-cycle and post cycle. You didn’t have to go out and purchase additional bottles to run a safe and effective stack, it included anything. Good job there Blackstone Labs! So what does this stack include?

  • One bottle of Blackstone Labs Brutal 4ce
  • One bottle of Blackstone Labs Chosen1
  • One bottle of Blackstone Labs Eradicate
  • One bottle of Blackstone Labs PCT V
  • One bottle of Blackstone Labs Gear Support

In total you get 5 bottles that allow you to run a complete 8 week cycle. The goal of this stack or the goal I had in mind was to build more lean muscle mass, but at the same time I wanted to burn some fat along the way. I was looking for a more ripped and dry looking physique.

Results from The Stack

First, I am not some huge monster at my gym. I have never taken steroids. I have never competed. I weigh 190lbs at about 8% body fat. I have been training for about 6-7 years and my diet is in check. I am 36 years old.

So I stuck to the exact directions on each bottle for the stack. I ran the Brutal 4ce, Chosen1 and Gear Support the entire first 4 weeks also known as on-cycle. It took about 7-10 days before I really felt it working and started seeing results. First I noticed that each day my strength was increasing pretty rapidly. I workout each body part twice per week, and I was doing more and more weight each rotation. Big jumps were in my big lifts…bench, deads, squats and presses. That’s where I saw the biggest changes. In week 2-3 is when I start really noticing my physique changing. My abs were more visible, my arms were more vascular, and my chest, back and shoulders were looking harder and bigger. I still hadn’t stepped on a scale, so it was all mirror-based. But I loved what I was seeing. By the end of the cycle, you could definitely see a big change in the way I looked and the weight I was pushing. A few people at my gym asked if I was on something. That’s a good compliment and Ill take it. Just told them I was taking some supps from Blackstone Labs. I also decided to weigh myself. I was at 196lbs. Now this is a 6lb increase over 4 weeks. You may think, wtf…that’s not much at all. Well actually it is for a guy that has been training for 6-7 years…and you need to remember that my bodyfat went down, so I actually dropped weight too.

For the post cycle I took the recommended dose of PCT V and Eradicate. I had no side effects while on cycle and felt great during my PCT. I really like the Eradicate as I felt like it helped me get even more of the dry look I have been wanting. So I weighed myself this morning and I am at 195lbs. Up 5lbs, burn’t some fat…and feel a ton better. I am definitely glad I tried this stack before the summer. I would recommend this to anyone having the same goals as me.

Where to Get This Stack

If you have any questions about this stack let me know. I purchased the Blackstone Labs Elite Fire & Ice Stack from My Supplement Store. The price was awesome, got free shipping, and the only site where they really broke down the directions. Good luck!


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