Edge of Insanity is Insanity!


Hey Everyone,

So I had heard about this brand that has been building up steam called Psycho Pharma. Read some posts on forums and told a buddy about it last week. Well he showed up yesterday to my house with a bottle of Edge of Insanity, the pre-workout from Psycho Pharma. He kindly gave me a scoop of it. Now I have been off stimulants for awhile…well the blends. I have actually been drinking Bang pre-workout for the last 3-4 months. Still it’s over 300mg of caffeine. Well I took a scoop of this stuff about 15min before my workout as directed…


This stuff is crazy. I am not sure if it is because I have been off other types of stimulants so long or what, but this stuff had me wired. Like I was telling people at the gym about this stuff as I was working out. And like everyone. I was on edge the entire workout. The name of the product is actually the truth in this case. It was good and it was bad. Chills was the worst thing, but the workout was one of the best I have had in months. I was there for two hours and could have continued another 2 hours. Non stop energy and the focus was incredible. I believe it may be this Panthergy ingredient, but who knows. I need to read up more about that ingredient to see if others have the same effects from it. All I know is that this stuff works. But I would highly, highly recommend you start with 1/2 scoop…I know you are a stim junkie and you only do full scoops, but just this time, try the 1/2 scoop first. It can’t hurt…and if it doesn’t give you what you want, throw in the other 1/2 scoop during your workout…trust me…with this stuff you are going to be there for awhile!

The Taste

This is another thing. The Cosmic Candy Edge of Insanity tastes absolutely amazing. Usually with these high stimulant pre-workouts, they taste terrible…but not this one. Smells delicious and tastes the same. It’s almost like a candy-cotton-candy-rock-candy type thing. It is very hard to explain, but if you like sweet, you will love it. Not sure if there are other flavors, but I highly recommend this one.

Other Products

Now I know Psycho Pharma has other products in their line as well. I haven’t been able to test those out, as I was just given a scoop of the pre-workout. If I get a chance to try the rest or more of the Edge of Insanity pre-workout, I will add some follow up posts.

  • Schizophrenic Psycho
  • Far Beyond Driven
  • Sextosterone Boost
  • Asylum Anytime BCAA
  • Hottie Assist

Final Thoughts

Get this product. This is one of the best pre-workout supplements I have had since Craze, which was banned. You will have some of the best workouts of your life on this stuff!


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