Dr Oz Acacia Powder for Blasting Belly Fat

Dr Oz Acacia Powder for Belly Fat

Recently Dr Oz mentioned the benefits of supplementing with powder derived from the Acacia Tree on the Belly Blaster Episode! He says that sprinkling the powder on your meal can have great effects on your hunger sending signals to your brain that you are much fuller then you are. This is due top to the fiber content of the Acacia Powder!

How Does Acacia Work

Acacia fiber and its Sap have been found to have beneficial effects on raising Good Cholesterol (HDL). While also combating hunger by triggering a hormone known as CCK this hormone is responsible for telling your body its full! Acacia can also be used as a detoxifier for the body helping your body to eliminate toxins.

Acacia Powder Benefits

  • Keep You Fuller Longer
  • Healthy Fiber Suitable for cleanses & Detoxes
  • Potent Anti-oxidant & Free Radical Scavenger
  • Promotes Digestive Health
  • Potent Appetite Suppressant
  • Organic

Where to Buy Acacia Powder

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By David Schroer


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