Deer Antler Velvet Controversy!

Leave it to the media to speak and make accusations without checking their facts! With all of this controversy and elite athletes strictly denying ever using this product we thought it would be interesting to say few things that ‘Grind our Gears’ here at Supplement Inner Circle.

Science Says No

Velvet Antler: is usually derived from deer antlers that have been sawed off or collected in the wild. The thought behind the mechanisms of action are that because Deer Antlers regenerate completely and are amazing sources of IGF-1 that if you take ground up Deer Antlers your IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor) will increase.

Well if anybody in the media or even anyone in Ray Lewis’s Camp decided to pull up Google or if they actually had a brain in their head Pubmed; they would quickly learn that there is currently no evidence that supports this claim. Take all the Deer Antler Pills Sprays Extracts you want and see if you gain super-physiological levels of IGF-1, just be sure to let us know if you do!

Everyone keeps saying why keep fighting it; if you didn’t take it just do a drug test. Well here’s the thing. Lewis and other athletes may actually be telling the truth in regards to NOT taking Deer Antler Velvet but won’t take drug tests because most will probably test Hot for the actual stuff they take! Or what Joe Rogan labeled them so perfectly as ‘Mexican Supplements’!

If you do want to give it a go however; Now Foods Deer Antler Spray looks to be your best bet! Deer Antler Extract has been shown to increase wound healing (in mice) so I guess that could be useful for some people especially if your Mouse has an Owee!


Okay we know its not a Mouse….


By Dave Schroer


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