CTD Sports N.O. Nitro is Here

ctd sports no nitroI am personally a huge fan of CTD Sports. My personal favorite products are CTD Sports Noxipro (their pre-workout) and Noxitropin (Sleep support supplement). Both work great, are affordable and taste awesome. And I heard from Kenny (and awesome CTD Sports rep) that they were coming out with a new out of this world pre-workout pump product…and now the name is here…NO Nitro!



What is NO Nitro?

Well like the name implies, this is their new pump inducing pre-workout. This thing is going to be a monster! Now I am not sure what exactly is in it yet…though by what they have told you, it’s going to be filled with nitrates! I hope to get with Kenny soon so he can give me some more information about the ingredients in this product, as I think it’s going to be groundbreaking. A few of my guesses?

  • It will be non-stimulant
  • It will be perfect stacked with Noxipro
  • Will have nitrates, citrulline, gylcerol & agmatine

Servings vs Capsules

So on the bottle it break it down that one full bottle is worth 20 servings meaning 3 capsules per serving. And if you think about it, if you workout Monday through Friday, this will give you a month worth of pump-drivin workouts. That enough for me!

When Will We Know?

Well like I said, they haven’t released to much information about NO Nitro yet. As soon as they do, we will be one of the first sources for information on it. Check back and let’s see what we find!

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