Confirmed: Craze V2 is on the Way!


Well Driven Sports has confirmed that Craze V2 is on the way. This comes after some hints on their website and our initial news a few days ago. They had posted “V2 Coming Soon” on their website and the rumors started flying.

New the New Bottle

This new image is from the Predator Nutrition website, which is get an exclusive deal to release it first. We do not know what Craze V2 will contain as far as ingredients go, but we can guess it won’t be ‘hiding’ anything this time. I am sure they will have a lot of eyes reviewing this product. But…I am sure it will be a strong one.

My Review

Now I haven’t tried the new Craze, but definitely plan too when it comes out in the USA. I actually still have a few bottles of the original Craze I purchased before it was banned everywhere. I use it only every once in awhile so I will be able to do a clear comparison once this new version, Craze V2 comes out.


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