Competitive Edge Labs Tudca is Here!

competitive edge labs tudca

Competitive Edge Labs is best known for their high quality PCT Assist and Cycle Assist products. There are the perfect additions for any prohormone cycle. They give you everything you need to stay safe during your cycle and during your PCT. Now they have come out with their brand new Tudca product!

What is Tudca?

This is a product many users of prohormones use to keep their liver healthy, which is under a ton of stress when on any type of prohormone or testosterone product. Tudca is the preferred ingredient to help the liver…over other formulas with less effective herbs. Whenever I am on a prohormone, no matter how mild it may be, I always choose Tudca. And in the past I always had to go with brands like Omega Sports Tudca or ProSupps Guardian to get my Tudca. I like that Competitive Edge Labs now has their own, because I am a huge fan on their PCT and Cycle Assist products…I think they are the premium supplements in this niche for protecting yourself while on prohormones.


Each capsule contains 250mg of Tudca and you are supposed to take it twice per day with food. The bottle will then last you 30 days, perfect for a cycle.

How Can I Get It?

This news just came out yesterday, so I am sure retailers that currently sell their other two products will also be selling their new Tudca formula.


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