Betancourt PUMP’D


Stimulant Stacking

PUMP’D is a non-stimulant product, allowing you to stacked with almost any other pre-workout. Thanks to this versatility, you really do get the best of both worlds by stacking supplements together.  Having caffeine and creatine for an extra burst of energy and strength during your workout is nice, but these ingredients often come at the expense of ingredients that boost nitric oxide production.


Another ingredient is Agmatine, arginine is derivative that utilizes the reverse nitric oxide pathway to enhance nitric oxide production. This pathway requires less oxygen and helps prevent the agmatine from being degraded.

The other ingredient is Norvaline. This works synergistically with agmatine. It improves muscle pumps by inhibiting the arginase enzyme, which hinders arginine absorption.

Norvaline, Glycerol and Agmatine combination will definitely have high expectations that will make PUMP’D a highly intense product!

When Will PUMP’D Be Released?

As of right now, PUMP’D is supposedly expected to be released sometime in the next month. Unfortunately there is yet to be any more information on flavors or price of this product.

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Be sure to check back for more updates!

By: Eric


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