Cobra Labs New Pre-workout Crystal-X


Cobra Labs New Pre-workout Crystal-X

It has been pretty quiet on Cobra Labs end since their late release of The Curse. Since then they haven’t hinted toward any new products until recently. A couple days ago Cobra Labs has announced they are coming out with their all new pre-workout called Crystal-X. This product was actually mentioned more than 2 years ago, but since then Cobra Labs never made a move on it.

The front label of the new product is a bizarre one. It’s like an alien or ghost looking face. The bottle is a bright white and the face is an outline of neon blue.  The bottom of the bottle clearly states that this is going to be a pre-workout. Possibly one to replace their early release pre-workout, The Curse.  Since The Curse wasn’t that high rated of a supplement of a highly talked about one.

If you also zoom into the picture of the bottle you can tell that it is going to be in 30 serving tubs. Other than that there really isn’t any new information released. The ingredients have still been kept under wraps and they also have not released any flavors that this is going to be in. And since this has been such a long talked about product by Cobra Labs, the release date could literally be anytime. Way into the future or next week. But this will be a very interesting product to see whether this will be a hit or if it will tank,


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