Analyzed supplements CistaMax


CistaMax or otherwise known as Cistanche Deserticola, is rapidly gaining attention for its potential ability to improve performance, enhance muscular growth and recovery, and to positively reduce various hormones. Cistanche Deserticola is a plant found in the desert, possessing various unique compounds that have been used for centuries for improving the body’s systems.

The Cistanche Deserticola extract has been shown to improve muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and improve energy storage, increased endurance and to increase strength production. When the CistaMax is taken, it stores more glycogen in the muscle cells after exercise, which in return is a quicker time to recovery and preserved strength for the next workout. The cells in the muscle are also shown to increase in size; because of the mitochondria (Mitochondria are the fuel generators of the cell, using up substrates like fat to produce energy). The overall result will show more efficiency in energy consumption, which could lead to improved fat loss and strength production.

By improving the effectiveness with which the body restores itself, Cistanche Deserticola may improve physical damage and long-term fatigue associated with overtraining. It goes without saying that the possibility of improved recovery, size, endurance, muscle resilience and strength would be advantageous to any serious athlete or bodybuilder.

By: Eric


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