Cellucor P6 Black: The Black is Back

Cellucor Reintroduce P6 Black Extreme cellucor p6 black

The infamous testosterone booster hasn’t seen the light of day for 5 years but the formulators at Cellucor believe to have come up with a formula that will appease the old fans while creating new ones.

In a recent press release Cellucor has unveiled two of the ingredients that can be found in P6 Black. To help promote mood and well-being Cellucor has added Alpha GPC, a known nootropic. For the testosterone boosting effects & recent scandals with D Aspartic Acid Rights of Use in question Cellucor have gone with a combination of D Aspartic Acid & Magnesium Chelate which has been shown to belter absorbed.

That is all we know for now regarding Cellucor P6 Black, fans seem to be excited but a lot of them fear that the new formula won’t live up to its predecessor but only time will tell.

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