Cellucor P6 Black Extreme Price: The Infamous Test Booster Gets Resurrected with a Hefty Price Tag!


cellucor new p6 black extreme The new formula will be centered around a D Aspartic Acid alternative ‘magnesium aspartic acid’ which is simply another form of the proven test boosting ingredient quite similar to sodium d-aspartic acid in terms of enhancing bio availability. Now what isn’t quite known yet is the rest of the ingredient profile especially in terms of an anti-aromatizing compound (AI) and possibly Anti-Cortisol or DHT conversion prevention ingredients as well.

It appears that the product will be set a pretty premium price hopefully meaning that the product will in fact hold some other interesting compounds otherwise the 60$ price tag will simply be way-hay-hay to much when you can simply buy a few months’ worth of D Aspartic Acid for less than 20$.

All in all we will have to wait just like everyone else and we hope we can get the inside scoop on the rest of the ingredients!

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cellucor p6 black By David Schroer


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